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Chromatic Scale Card Set

Displays images of the notes of the chromatic scale. When a card is flipped the corresponding note is played. Thus, you can match sounds instead of pictures.

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To install a card set from the Internet click the download link of the card set pack in your browser. When the browser asks, click Open, not Save. When the download completes, the card set will be automatically installed.

Remember, you must be a registered user to play with this set, but you can download and preview it if you're unregistered.

  • Concentration - the Memory Games: Chromatic Scale Card Set Icon
  • Name: Chromatic Scale English Hungarian
  • Release date: October 20, 2003
  • Distribution: Shareware (US$0) Click for more information
  • User Rating:
  • Card Count: 31 + 1
  • Color Depth: 24 bit (16 million colors)
  • Additional Sounds: Yes
  • Additional Background: Yes
  • Download: 800 x 600 (466 944 B) • 1024 x 768 (540 672 B)

Note about free Shareware card sets

Shareware card sets are available to registered users only. If you are using an unregistered copy of Concentration - the Memory Games, this card set won't appear in your card set combo box.

If you are a registered user the card set will be listed after installation, but it will has an unregistered note. It's free and easy to register the card set.

  • Step 1. Select Purchase / Serial Number from the Game menu.
  • Step 2. Select the card set module from the Module combo.
  • Step 3. Enter the registration name and serial number you received for Concentration - the Memory Games.
  • Step 4. Click on Register.

If you are an unregistered user you can't play using this card set. But you can preview all cards this free shareware card set contains.

Just download and install the card set (click on the download link and choose Open) as if it was a freeware set. During the installation click on the Preview button when a message box appears. You can preview the card set later by selecting the card set file in the Windows Explorer, right clicking and selecting Preview in the context-menu.

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