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Assorted Sounds Card Set

Assorted Sounds is a peculiar kind of card set, it takes you a step further than Chromatic Scale. In this case you have to match sounds instead of pictures.

All the card faces are the same, resembling a button. Click a button and match the sound effects: bike bell, breaking glass, cork pop, ship horn and more. It will be a brand new memory game experience.

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To install a card set from the Internet click the download link of the card set pack in your browser. When the browser asks, click Open, not Save. When the download completes, the card set will be automatically installed.

  • Concentration - the Memory Games: Assorted Sounds Card Set Icon
  • Name: Assorted Sounds English Hungarian Spanish
  • Release date: April 21, 2007
  • Distribution: Freeware
  • User Rating:
  • Card Count: 24 + 1
  • Color Depth: 24 bit (16 million colors)
  • Additional Sounds: Yes
  • Additional Background: Yes
  • Download: 800 x 600 (897 024 B)



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